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Tekskills e-Invoicing

Fostering worldwide electronic invoice exchange while
ensuring legal compliance

Tekskills e-Invoicing streamlines AP/AR processes, ensuring secure document exchange with business partners. Designed for digital transformation challenges, it complies with legal regulations and modern data standards. Our tool automatically validates and converts every invoice, catering to companies of all sizes. Featuring Self-Billing, e-archive, and Electronic Signature, along with expertise in B2B & B2G operations, our e-invoicing ensures superior data quality and reduced operational costs.



Seamless document exchange with trading partners, accelerated time-to-payment, superior data quality, and minimized document errors.


Optimize operations
to reduce costs
and improve efficiency
for enhanced overall performance.


Ensuring secure and transparent data exchange with all partners, cutting down on invoice processing time, and expediting supplier payments


Adhering rigorously to
local mandates,
the latest EU regulations, and contemporary data transfer standards.


  • Tekskills e-Invoicing streamlines Accounts Payable through automated processes, reducing manual workload.
  • The web interface allows real-time tracking and reporting, while AI/ML algorithms expedite document acceptance.
  • Robotic Process Automation enables the accounting staff to focus on verification.
  • Tekskills accommodates various invoice formats and input sources, utilizing automatic indexing for efficient registration.
  • Sophisticated algorithms eliminate concerns about diverse invoice layouts.

Our outbound e-invoicing enhances Accounts Receivable processes through the following key features:

  • Document Conversion: Our solution facilitates the conversion of documents into multiple formats as per customer requirements.
  • Distribution Channels: Documents are distributed seamlessly through various channels such as integration, Web-EDI, web portal, or email.
  • By leveraging our expertise in formatting, routing, and e-invoice management, our solution extracts data from your ERP system to generate invoices.
  • A dedicated application ensures efficient monitoring of document distribution.
  • Our global compliance solution ensures legal adherence across the world.
  • Tekskills provides steadfast technical and business support, ensuring seamless connectivity with your trading partners.

  • A robust solution for storing and managing all invoices, both sent and received, throughout the legally required retention period.
  • Tailored for seamless invoicing operations across various countries, this web-based application, integrating Blockchain technology algorithms, ensures instant access to operational history, easily readable and printable documents, and an intuitive user management tool.
  • With automatic updates, it remains ready to use, adapting to any changes in laws and regulations.
  • Our e-archive is designed to enhance productivity, mitigate the risk of legal violations, reduce operational costs, and facilitate necessary audits.
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Enterprise Interaction Landscape

Amid the ongoing digital transformation, nations across the globe are adopting innovative e-invoicing regulations. This strategic move aims to enhance the efficiency of electronic document exchange, particularly in Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G) transactions. The overarching goal is to facilitate smoother and more streamlined processes, ultimately contributing to a boost in tax revenue for these countries. We ensure our clients benefit from a swift and reliable exchange of electronic documents with both public administration entities and companies operating within the network.

International Legal Compliance:

For companies operating on a global scale, navigating diverse E-Invoicing standards is imperative to achieve their objectives. Electronic invoicing and Value Added Tax (VAT) compliance are formidable challenges in today's business landscape. Tekskills e-Invoicing stands as a reliable ally, offering robust support for adhering to new legal regulations. Beyond ensuring content integrity, authenticity of origin, and legibility assurance, it guarantees the security and archiving of sensitive data for the mandated duration (data retention policy). Our commitment extends to enabling legal compliance worldwide.

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