Clients and stakeholders related to our business know us as a company that provides innovative methods and dashboards for proactive updates and management of the IT investments. Be it in infra management or HR onboarding, solution development or a collaborative enterprise service, Tekskills' and their dashboards are marked as effective tools of sustained control and actionable decisions. IT investments for Tekskills means not merely development and deployment, but harvesting the utility over a longer period of time. While lifetime value of IT investments is a well-understood concept, we at Tekskills ensure value is realized year after year.

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Tekskills has the reputation of ensuring that IT investments and efforts are worked to predetermined outcomes and budgets. Transparency and innovative dashboards & reporting systems ensure a high level of integrity and that much needed inner view for the enterprise. Tekskills is really all about knowing your goalposts and ensuring that the right service, right professional and right control work in tandem to deliver what we call impact value.

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To grow you need more than just skills. You need an attitude, that indomitable spirit of 'can do' time after time and the ability to reach a mature state ahead of time. This takes a smart blend of experience, intuitiveness and line of business competence. It also means that the potential of business growth has to be matched by the intrinsic capability of the team in creating structures and systems that not only support the enterprise, but actually add to its nimbleness and quest for better returns.

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This method and steadfast commitment to 'working to impact' working has resulted in relationships with more than a handful of Fortune 500 companies and attracted talent that is committed to giving the client and the solution in question the right kind of skill. We call it 'tekskill'. A unique quality and attribute that our people bring to every engagement and the relationship. In fact this tekskill is an innovative combination of efficiency, consistency and empathy with the client's needs. Learn more

Reshaping an enterprise for the demands that are now there in the business space or the ones that will emerge is a proactive step. One that providers like us can help you take with confidence and commitment. Our experience with businesses of different sizes and stages in their maturity helps us understand the unique challenges of that enterprise and the larger business space.

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Over the last decade our services arm has provided the much needed support to companies which were on the look out for eliminating downtime in maintenance to developing applications and solution that would help them embrace the future with the reassurance of predictability and results.

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From day one we have been a solutions – driven company. Started in 2010 on the back of solving some mission-critical development and maintenance problems, we steadily grew into a multi services, multi product entity. Today our reach and credibility extends into areas of core IT solution development, business application development, collaborative enterprise solutions, IT infrastructure management, HR planning and staffing and maximizing ROI in maintaining and managing legacy systems.

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