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Our goal is simple: To accelerate your business outcomes with our cloud-based solutions.
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  • Cloud computing is transforming businesses and one of the most important IT trends for the coming decades.
  • It is a fast, flexible, and cost-effective way to manage your organization's digital assets quickly and securely while maintaining control over your data.
  • Tekskills is a leading cloud services provider that helps organizations thrive in the new age of technology.
  • As an innovative technology firm, we are on a mission to expand our cloud services worldwide.

What makes us different from the other companies offering similar services

  • We provide skilled cloud professionals who understand the importance of security and have already achieved basic cloud fundamentals.
  • With our assistance, you do not need to worry about how emerging trends will impact your business.
  • We do not just want to help you with your technology needs; we want to help you build an organization that can adapt to a fast-changing environment and thrives in it.
  • Additionally, we offer a variety of cloud offerings, such as hybrid cloud and data center services to meet the needs of your development life cycle.
  • As an organization, you need a strategy for moving forward in this new age of technology—and That is exactly what we are focused on providing: a plan for how you can use cloud computing as part of your strategy for global growth and expansion.


At Tekskills, we offer a wide range of cloud services to our customers. The benefits of using cloud services are many and varied. Here are just some:

  • 20+ years of extensive industry and system integrator expertise
  • Manage more than 320,000 end users and 750,000 infrastructure assets
  • Supporting 90+ countries and 250+ active clients
  • 6200+ qualified and certified specialists


Cloud Transformation Services: Transform with Cloud to build the digital enterprise of tomorrow.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration services handle the transition of your company to the cloud, so you may focus on other areas. We support cloud migration for digital transformation, including mass migration, image migration, application migration, database rehosting, data migration, and storage migration.

Cloud migration partners

We collaborate with a wide range of top ecosystem partners to push the limits of what technology can do for your company while delivering quickly and with confidence.
cloud migration services
cloud migration
cloud storage services

Cloud-Native Services

Utilize cloud-native capabilities to build and deploy solutions on a large scale while ensuring enterprise-wide innovation.

Cloud computing has fundamentally altered the software development process for businesses. Enterprises are utilizing cloud-native technologies to build and run cloud-based applications with the advent of container-based environments.

We provide cloud-native architectures to assist in the development and maintenance of applications that take full advantage of the Cloud capabilities and make businesses truly digital.

DevOps: Initiate your DevOps Journey with us

  • With our DevOps Services, you can speed up your cloud operations and workloads by reducing costs, improving efficiency, and shortening the release management cycle.
  • Obtain faster time to market, resilient systems, and improved throughput.
  • Our company offers dedicated DevOps Consulting Services that assist your IT department in accelerating the current project and implementing DevOps best practices. Our DevOps Services promote the "Everything as Code" philosophy, bringing about harmony in cloud operations.
  • As an organization, you require a strategy for advancing in this technologically advanced age; this is precisely what we aim to provide: a strategy for incorporating cloud computing into your plan for global expansion and growth.

What We offer

We help companies automate their operations and build complex infrastructure for their businesses. Our mission is to make the world's best cloud services company that helps customers build better products faster:

  • Our team is made up of some of the best cloud engineers, DevOps professionals, and software developers in the industry.
  • We believe that our customers should be able to build better products faster. which is why we do everything to simplify by automating operations, building complex infrastructure, and helping to scale their business rapidly.
  • We are also one of the most trusted, experienced, and innovative companies in the industry.
  • We can help you accelerate your business by providing a range of solutions that will help you transform your operations while reducing costs and risk.
  • We are a full-service provider of cloud infrastructure and business applications that help you transform your business into a digital enterprise.
  • We provide the technology, expertise, and support to help you innovate, manage risk and reduce costs while delivering new levels of performance.
cloud solutions

Cloud Transformation

Plan, architect, build and integrate cloud solutions across private, public or hybrid cloud platforms
cloud consulting

Cloud Migration

Streamline your organization's journey to the cloud
cloud services

Cloud Maintenance, Compliance and Governance

Improve application performance by implementing world-class cloud infrastructure
cloud transformation services

Cloud-Native Services

We develop custom cloud native applications leveraging the latest technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker and APIs
cloud transformation

Cloud DevOps

Collaborate, automate and consistently deliver high quality solutions to meet customer
cloud computing service providers


Inject flexibility and scale into your systems and solutions to ensure risk-free, successful cloud journeys, at speed

Why we are different from similar companies

  • We have a wide range of customized cloud solutions that can help you across all cloud platforms, from on-premise private clouds to public clouds like Microsoft Azure and hybrid clouds.
  • With our cloud transformation capabilities, we can help you, architect, build, and integrate cloud solutions that are right for your organization.
  • Our cloud migration services can streamline your journey to the cloud with seamless migrations and application modernizations from legacy infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Additionally, we can help you improve application performance with our world-class cloud infrastructure maintenance, compliance, and governance services.
  • And if you are looking for cloud-native applications that are agile and fast-to-market, we can help with that too.
  • We have the latest technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, and APIs that can help you build custom applications quickly and easily.
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