Reshaping an enterprise for the demands that are now there in the business space or the ones that will emerge is a proactive step. One that providers like us can help you take with confidence and commitment. Our experience with businesses of different sizes and stages in their maturity helps us understand the unique challenges of that enterprise and the larger business space.

Over the last decade our services arm has provided the much needed support to companies which were on the look out for eliminating downtime in maintenance to developing applications and solution that would help them embrace the future with the reassurance of predictability and results. Tekskills has the reputation of ensuring that IT investments and efforts are worked to predetermined outcomes and budgets. Transparency and innovative dashboards & reporting systems ensure a high level of integrity and that much needed inner view for the enterprise.

Tekskills in IT services is really all about knowing your goalposts and ensuring that the right service, right professional and right control work in tandem to deliver what we call impact value.

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Today’s businesses cannot afford failure or high downtimes. Finding foolproof solutions and methods that address this with urgency and expertise is the need. What can be regular, routine maintenance can attain criticality especially when environments are restive and the demands of delivering more for less is being seen as a given.

We fully understand this industry requirement and we have evolved a simple yet effective way of delivering to client needs.

We develop customizable solutions in application development and maintenance. We make our delivery predictable, reliable and agile to support business objectives. Our philosophy in this service arm is to give the nimble enterprise no cause of worry and keep surprises away. While we do this we leverage our years of experience in deploying the right kind of professionals and judiciously work towards lowering the total cost of ownership. Taking companies like yours along the path of agility and reliability is our goal. We have a well-organized command center and a methodology, which ensures there is adequate knowledge transfer and reverse engineering wherever needed. more...

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Business knowledge is built into legacy systems. Years of business insights, processes and the larger boundaries of how businesses run is at the core of the legacy system. The challenge that lies before agile thinking enterprises is how best to leverage the legacy system and which are those challenges that are critical to make the modernization process a smooth, time effective and efficiency enhancing initiative.

Tekskills has the wherewithal to rapidly and effectively reengineer your legacy software applications to contemporary platforms. Optimized architectures, ensure that the legacy system is state of the art, and retains or enhances the value. We bring together our proven processes, technology expertise and tools to reengineer your software applications to modern technologies.

Our global development centers have software-programming teams with proven expertise in modifying or extracting business logic from legacy systems. Tekskills’ mature programming processes, proprietary methodologies, flexible global delivery model, and stringent quality management systems minimize project development cost; reduce time-to-market and ensure highest quality for our clients. more...

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In today's business world nothing remains static. It is a complex world. What with IT becoming a necessary and vital function and component of business strategy and business success. In this backdrop, prudence demands that you work with someone who has the big picture in view – technology on the one hand and alignment of the technology to the business strategy on the other. It is this line of view and working principle that may be relevant to to your next orbital change or simple task of minimizing risk and maximizing the ability to engage with stakeholders with a sense of confidence and predictability.

At Tekskills we define, design and execute strategies that drive your business growth, reduce costs and create new revenue streams. We work with you to learn your business vision and goals, IT environment, skill requirements and policies. Then we develop short- and long-term strategies based on best practices to deliver measurable results.

Transformation through technology consulting can happen with Tekskills by your side. Business transformation consulting, IT transformation consulting or any other area where you need a tech/consulting solution we could be of relevance. more...

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QA is a multifaceted need for organizations of different sizes. This could range from testing an application to actually setting up a complete QA infrastructure or even doing some onfield testing (mobility in QA). At Tekskills this is a practice where the routine has been retired and the understanding that QA can be transformational by design has been brought in. This understanding and philosophy drives us to deliver well thought QA solutions. Reliable results and a method that can be replicated organization wide has been Tekskills’ strength.

At Tekskills we can examine the maturity of your organization’s QA function and assist you in enhancing the cost efficiency of QA efforts. This exercise can include evaluation of new tools and testing environments such as the cloud, software testing tools, the mobile environment, testing automation and application performance issues. We could if you opt for set up Managed Centers and assist you in establishing processes and policies to maintain the QA component across multiple projects.

Shorter time to market. Greater reliability and predictability is the promise of Tekskills in QA. more...

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Expectations are getting stiffer and the demands more challenging. The reason is simple: the pace of business is rapidly changing and organizations have to possess the uncanny ability to work in hybrid technology environments and respond quicker than what they did yesterday. Organizations need better infra solutions quickly and those that deliver what’s most critical to their business, faster. Be it digital business transformation, reinventing businesses or reconstructing service delivery. Frankly infrastructure ought to do more. Evolve, modify, respond and even lead the change and the face of the enterprise what with the increasing digitalization of the world and the users experiences. A digital tomorrow is here and infrastructure solutions are the answer. Reimagining them, rejigging the approaches and taking a business impact perspective can well make Tekskills your partner in getting that optimal and productive business decision on infrastructure.

Our approach in this service is:

  • SLAs are counted in minutes and seconds. So agility and response replaces mere provisioning
  • Business outcomes are the focus of the infrastructure
  • Simplify the processes and the response model
  • Allow infrastructure to aid transformational agendas

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Thinning operating margins, faster response times, seamless handling of service delivery and the need to concentrate on the core business. These are compelling needs for a growing enterprise.

We have observed that in several categories of business these need ride paramount and the quest is to find solutions and a provider who can manage the costs while ensuring that the larger delivery of the outcome is well managed, well reported and the learning curve becomes shorter progressively.

When you work with Tekskills, outsourcing takes on a strategic avatar where it can completely transform your business operations, providing greater flexibility by freeing up valuable resources. When this happens you get an improved bandwidth and greater width in the teams to respond with agility. more...