Quality Assurance

QA is a multifaceted need for organizations of different sizes. This could range from testing an application to actually setting up a complete QA infrastructure or even doing some onfield testing (mobility in QA). At Tekskills this is a practice where the routine has been retired and the understanding that QA can be transformational by design has been brought in. This understanding and philosophy drives us to deliver well thought QA solutions. Reliable results and a method that can be replicated organization wide has been Tekskills’ strength.

At Tekskills we can examine the maturity of your organization’s QA function and assist you in enhancing the cost efficiency of QA efforts. This exercise can include evaluation of new tools and testing environments such as the cloud, software testing tools, the mobile environment, testing automation and application performance issues. We could if you opt for set up Managed Centers and assist you in establishing processes and policies to maintain the QA component across multiple projects.

Shorter time to market. Greater reliability and predictability is the promise of Tekskills in QA.