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  • ESS and MSS
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  • HRMS
  • Recruitment Portal

Smart staff Portal helps staffing and recruiting team to track the job openings, search resumes, organize the interviews, trace client status and analyze status - quickly and efficiently. This allows recruiting professionals to spend less time on the process and paperwork. Track the candidate's progress more efficiently. This portal will assist to minimize the efforts put in by recruitment team of all verticals to track the candidate status.

The database serves as centralize depository for upcoming client requirements and source profiles at needful basis. Customized, drilldown reports could be achieved with the help of existing database. Data analysis such as Trend Charts, Pie Charts, Bar graphs and Statics could be calculated for strategic planning.

Our Training Mission

  • This portal can supports unlimited candidates profile and no restriction of number of employees
  • It provides interactive services that will allow us to manage our recruitment process online
  • Key features include searchable CV from database for customers, real time job postings

Insight Application

Tekskills products

Insight Mobile app was designed to provide complete end-end solution to employee fieldwork tracking. Helping Industries like FMCG, IT Sales and Marketing to improve productivity and performance of employees by analyzing the real time daily reports generated by the activities performed on Field.

Complete Field Work employee tracking system

  • Track/Analyze route maps used by resources during field work
  • Analyze all Call recordings made with the client
  • Track/Analyze client meetings, other media used(videos, gallery, check-in/checkout etc.

Field Audit

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Field Audit Application is made for auditing the Assets given on Rent to client or remote location. This application is completely dynamic and efficient to populating multiple surveys with different type of questions like Boolean, multiple choice, descriptive answers with images etc. the surveys formed for particular asset are also dynamically loaded from server and could be formed as we need.

Complete Field Work employee tracking system

  • Dynamic generation of surveys as per the asset
  • Efficient to handle multiple users on different field audits at different location & Surveys
  • Fast and effective real time reporting to customer and management

POM - Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management System is a highly configurable and user-friendly enabling efficient purchase order processing. Our single window self-service portal automates and streamlines the complete purchase order life cycle enabling the users experience structured delivery and approval workflows.

Portal enables to track all the contracts, invoices and payments in real time. It is a comprehensive solution that gives customized reports and help the users to gain insight in to purchase order cycle.

It gathers all the information related to contract, contact, consultant, company, invoice terms, payment terms, and Labour Contact Application (LCA). For each new purchase order, POID purchase order ID will be generated. Company will be added, if we are signing contract with that particular company for the first time or system shows drop-down menu with existing company list.

PO management portal delivers key benefits which includes enhanced accuracy with simplified automated processing for data entry and approvals. Real-time availability of purchase order information saves time in decision making. Users experience enhanced control over all financial aspects with more insights in to purchase order work flows.


  • Maintenance and tracking of Consulting company, client/vendor Information
  • Maintenance and tracking of Consultant information
  • Maintenance of Contract (Purchase order) details
  • Maintenance and tracking of LCA's
  • Tracking of all legal formalities and sending reminders to concerned people involved
  • Maintenance of legal documents like MSA, Flow down agreement, Work authorization, LCA, EAD, Passport Details etc.,
  • All expiry alerts within 6 months will be sent

It reduces the human effort by sending reminders to concern persons for all legal formalities involved in the PO's.


Purpose of the Help Desk system is to create an online ticketing management system which every employee will use to record grievances and receive resolutions. Help Desk will be carefully administered by a moderator who will assign and route the issues to appropriate personnel and ensure that the resolutions are sent to the originator. The ticketing system will also measure the SLA from the issues originating time to closure and also the performance of the person who has resolved it.

ESS (Employee Self Service) portal is aimed at empowering the employee with as much information as possible at the click of a button that arms the employee with information concerning with every aspect of his employment. MSS (Manager Self Service) portal is for the managers to attend the issues raised by their team members/sub-ordinates. Approvals/ permissions/ confidential appraisals/leave automation/provision of support is available in the MSS.

Account Payables is the Comprehensive vendor management and analysis. Financial approvals, Automation of payments calendar for recurring payments, Alerts & Notifications for Pending Payments.

Goal of the Account Receivables is to get payments in time. In order to receive payments in time, there are a lot of checks and enough documentation that needs to be in order before an invoice gets raised. AR system ensures that every bit of workflow is addressed online, thus reducing multiple entries and also reducing dependencies.

The online HRMS will be able to track the complete lifecycle of the HR system right from advertising a vacant position to the full and final settlement of the employee, after he/she exits.

Recruitment portal will allow the BDMs to post the requirements from clients directly. The requirements will then be viewed by the team lead of recruitments and then accordingly assigned to the recruiter who is supposed to source profiles from various sources. Each submission by the recruiter is tracked in real time without the need of a functional head and uploads the same information in the tracker and the status of each submission is marked online and is available for tracking the SLA.


Ticket History helps employee to view all the tickets that they have raised till date
Ticket Search assists employees to search ticket and track the status


Employee satisfaction: Automated internal ticketing system eliminates the previous email process and makes issue resolving process transparent and provides real-time status of the ticket.
Process efficiencies: Portal enables finance, HR, NOC and IT team members to build on their skills and become experts in their respective areas, which in turn leads to faster problem resolution