From day one we have been a solutions - driven company. Started in 2003 on the back of solving some mission-critical development and maintenance problems, we steadily grew into a multi services, multi product entity. Today our reach and credibility extends into areas of core IT solution development, business application development, collaborative enterprise solutions, IT infrastructure management, HR planning and staffing and maximizing ROI in maintaining and managing legacy systems.

Tekskills is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company that was appraised at Level 3 of the CMMI Institute's Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) in both Development and Services.

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Aspirations, actions and value

Tekskills is a growing company. In both aspirations and actions. We are a CMMI Level 3 company with our processes diligently audited. Clients and stakeholders related to our business know us as a company that provides innovative methods and dashboards for proactive updates and management of the IT investments. Be it in infra management or HR onboarding, solution development or a collaborative enterprise service, Tekskills’ and their dashboards are marked as effective tools of sustained control and actionable decisions. IT investments for Tekskills means not merely development and deployment, but harvesting the utility over a longer period of time. While lifetime value of IT investments is a well-understood concept, we at Tekskills ensure value is realized year after year.

Enterprise with the power of enterprise

This method and steadfast commitment to 'working to impact' working has resulted in relationships with more than a handful of Fortune 500 companies and attracted talent that is committed to giving the client and the solution in question the right kind of skill. We call it 'tekskill'. A unique quality and attribute that our people bring to every engagement and the relationship. In fact this tekskill is an innovative combination of efficiency, consistency and empathy with the client's needs. Our ability to impact a client's businesses, deliver what their business demands is recognized in the industry. Internally to keep ourselves resilient, we always tell ourselves that we can grow in the marketplace only when 'we give an enterprise the power of enterprise.'

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Now and future readiness

Flowing from this unique enterprise - driven commitment is our customer relationship building and engagement model. Our skills and strengths are matched to client needs and are evolved to handle their businesses both in the current state and the future growth phase. In other words both the now and in the morrows we can be on the client’s side. Our systems and people are thus conceptualized to be expansive and sensitive to the emerging needs. Control, on time delivery, compliance and cost consciousness go without saying and the Tekskills model of complete transparency means that client always has the IT investment and it performance in their line of sight.

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